Do you have a difficult or intricate industrial roofing project coming up? 

If so, it's important to note that not all roofing contractors are equipped or qualified to handle a complex industrial roofing project. Industrial Roofing is completely different from standard commercial roofing and requires more experienced roofers with advanced skill sets.

On a normal commercial roof there are fewer penetrations and the work area is fairly wide open. This allows the use of a welding machine which can be easily operated by a less experienced roofer to create a consistent watertight seam. 

Commercial roofing methods are often not possible on industrial roofs, requiring roofers to have exceptional skills and experience to ensure a quality and lasting roof system is installed properly. As you can see from the above industrial photo, the rooftop is very busy and crowded with pipes and penetrations throughout the surface. Roofing this type of building, roofers are required to hand weld many of the seams, which is a skill that take years to master.

There are a whole host of other issues involved with this type of project that a "warehouse roofer" is simply not equipped to handle. Complex Industrial roofing requires a contractor with experienced and well trained crew members to ensure the end product is quality workmanship and watertight.  

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