Trust the Commercial Roof Repair Experts that the city of Kansas City calls for help.

In late 2012, JR & Co. was awarded the Kansas City Roof Repair and Maintenance contract. The Kansas City management recognized that with 30+ years of successful roofing experience, JR & Co. is the most qualified and reputable contractor to provide this city with timely, quality, and cost effective repairs for their various needs. 

JR & Co. can handle any type of roof you may have, whether it's flat, low-slope or steep.

Here's what you can expect before your call:

1. Our goal is to put you in contact with a repair technician within 24-48 hours of request.

2. To ensure our worker's safety, OSHA compliance, and your peace of mind, repair technicians typically work in teams of 2.

3. We prioritize our customer's emergency leaks; often completing same-day repairs.

4. Free estimates are available for large and extensive repairs.

5. We have technicians on-call 24/7 ready to assist you.