After spending a few years in Riverside we decided it was time to move back to North Kansas City  and I firmly believe it is where we belong.  There are many reasons why I believe this, but the most important reason fits in nicely with the upcoming holiday season... Togetherness.  

At our old location we had the office and the warehouse in 2 separate buildings. While they were only 1 mile apart I believe that it still created a disconnect between office and production. Before, there was rarely a need for the production guys (The Roofers) to ever come by the office. It sort of split the company into 2 teams... Production and Office.

Now that's not to say that it was Production vs. Office (Except for the Christmas fundraising contest we had last year.) But, sometimes when you don't interact with a group of people for long periods of time you tend to forget that we all fill a different piece of the puzzle here at JR & Co. and that we are all important to the success and growth of the company.  

You can't have one without the other. Without the roofing crews we wouldn't have a service to sell. Without sales there wouldn't be any projects to work on. Without Administrative support from the office it would be impossible to keep track of everything. And without Accounting and HR our bills wouldn't get paid and neither would we. Now that we are all under the same roof I am hoping that it will help remind us that we all play for the same team.

Below are some pictures of the new building. We have only been here a month and are still getting settled so you will have to excuse the blank walls and disarray. I will make sure to post an update after we get things spruced up a bit more.

Regardless, it is quite exciting to be in a new building and location and we are all looking forward to growing into our new space and coming together as a stronger company!