When it comes to commercial roofing, remember you are talking about a $50,000 - $400,000 investment or more depending on the size of your building. Hail combined with high winds can damage your roof and drastically reduce its lifespan. 

With a high dollar investment like this, every year that you can extend the lifespan of your roof equals thousands of dollars in savings. On the flip side, every year that the lifespan is shortened, that means you’re costing your company thousands of dollars.

This is why the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you have your roof inspected after every major storm event, (and twice a year). Which leads us to the point of this article: the number one biggest mistake you can make when dealing with a commercial hail damage claim is….

… Allowing just any old commercial roofing contractor to inspect your roof after a major hail storm.

Always make sure to have your roof inspected by a professional who is specifically trained and has extensive experience in identifying storm damage and is also familiar with the insurance claim process and working with adjusters.

There is a major difference between a commercial roofing salesman who can write the scope for a roof replacement or repair versus someone who specializes in identifying storm damage. Sometimes storm damage can be subtle or very difficult to spot and it takes a trained eye to be able to identify it. Other times the damage may be visible but the sales rep does not fully understand what constitutes the need for an insurance claim.   

To give a real life example, a client’s building was hit by a major hail storm and had numerous leaks that needed to be attended to. The property manager contacted a well-known contractor to come out and provide an inspection and put together a proposal based on their findings.

The contractor found 5 major leak areas and their recommendation was to repair the leaks using a variety of different methods. The proposed cost for these repairs was not to exceed $1,950.
There was an optional recommendation to install 72 sq ft of TPO membrane over the top of a PVC membrane using Butyl Tape where the areas of numerous hail strikes were identified.  This additional work would cost an investment of $450.

***This is a perfect example of the type of solution a sales rep comes up with who is not specialist when it comes to identifying storm damage and knowing how to move forward with the proper course of action.***

Luckily for the client they decided to get a second opinion before signing off on the repairs ….
Enter JR & Co. Roofing Contractors and our Storm Damage and Restoration Specialist TJ Stuebs. He informed the client that it was a terrible idea to install a different type of membrane over the top of the hail strikes and adhere them together with tape. This is an ineffective and improper way of dealing with this damage.

Instead, if the rep had been experienced with storm damage claims he would have known that there was more than enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. With the amount of damage that roof had sustained from the hail, a new roof was completely necessary, which would be covered by the insurance company.
By working with a specialist who has extensive experience in dealing with storm damage, the client achieved the following:

  • They went from possibly spending up to $2,400 to getting awarded $337,897 to replace their roof
  • Improved their roof impact rating to a class 4
  • By choosing to use wind vented roofing technology they were able to reroof their building with no business interruption saving them close to $250,000 a day if they were unable to operate
  • Increased the wind warranty to 100 mph vs. standard warranties which are 35 to 55 mph
  • Upgraded their warranty from a 15 year to a 20 year, non-prorated, labor & material

The moral of this story is twofold: First off, don’t neglect your roof top after a major storm. If it has been damaged and is left unattended you could be costing yourself thousands in the long run.

Second is always make sure to have a well-trained individual with proven experience in dealing with storm damage claims examine your roof. Sometimes damage can be very difficult to spot. It could mean the difference in thousands of dollars for your company!   

If your building was hit by one of the recent storms blowing through the area and you would like a Free inspection of your roof performed by someone who has over 34 Years of experience in dealing with storm damage and has helped clients get awarded over millions of dollars, please call 816-587-6148 or fill out the form below.