Below is a case study for a project with 7 buildings and a cost comparison between a traditional tear off and wind smart roofing technology which ends up beingover a $1.8 million difference!

I would like to take just a moment to introduce you to a great product for distressed properties or any building that needs a  cost effective roof without compromising quality. This system has the ability to dry out existing wet insulation and renew it's R value. This eliminates the need for a costly tear off making it extremely cost effective and Eco-friendly. 

The science behind this system seems like it would be complicated, but the principal is actually very simple. When air blows over the top of your roof a low pressure condition is created. As the low pressure system begins to vaporize the moisture within the insulation and rise to the surface is it pulled out through one way vents placed around the perimeter. This is the same phenomenon that happens when a low pressure system forces moisture out of the ground. 

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This system has a proven track record with over 94 million square feet installed across the US. It carries up to 150 mph wind riders, Non-prorated material and labor warranties ranging from 15 - 25 years from the factory. The warranty is completely transferable for a re-inspection fee of $250.